Roy Drew

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With architect Robert Mosher, Roy Drew launched Mosher and Drew, Architects in La Jolla in 1948.

Roy Drew was born in Los Angeles and raised in Pasadena. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Arts from Stanford (in 1936), Roy’s father connected him with architect Myron Hunt, and he joined the office. In 1938, the young man started his architectural studies at Yale University. He secured his Masters in Architecture from Yale in 1941 following years of exposure to visiting Yale faculty including Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Serge Chermayeff, Alvar Aalto, and Antonin Raymond.

Upon completing his studies at Yale, Roy reportedly earned a European traveling fellowship but it went unused as World War II broke out. Instead of travelling to Europe, he enlisted in the US Navy. Between 1941-1945 he served as an Aerial Gunnery Instructor.

At the end of the War, Roy Drew returned to Los Angeles. In 1946, while working with Paul Haynes, he met Robert Mosher. Mosher left Haynes employment in 1947 travelling to San Diego to work for architect William Templeton Johnson. Soon enough, Mosher persuaded Drew to join him. In May, 1948 the two friends opened Mosher and Drew Architects in La Jolla.

By the mid-1950s, Drew had garnered a strong reputation as a residential architect – designing “dozens of smaller homes during this time.” He also began to get commissions for small commercial buildings and larger homes.

In the early 1960s, Drew's repertoire expanded to church buildings, schools, hotels, and banks, in addition to private residences, and he was building a reputation as an institutional architect. Projects were to include the La Jolla Federal Savings and Loan building, nine branches, additions to the BishDrew also designed USD's library, structures for the James S. Copley Library of Americana, and the Florence Riford Library. In 1968, Drew was named to the College of Fellows by the AI. A. A retrospective of his work appeared in the University of San Diego's Founder's Gallery in 1993-94.

Partial List of Early Projects

Bishop's School Addition

Conard, Mildred House (1948)
809 San Antonio Place, Point Loma
*Designated as the Conard-Arrington House

Copley, James S. House
La Jolla

Copley, James S. Office Buildings

Copley, James S. Vacation Residence

Francis Parker School Addition

La Jolla Federal Savings and Loan

Lightner, Residence for Mr. & Mrs. John (1964-69)
420 Silvergate Avenue, Point Loma
*By Architects Robert Mosher and Roy Drew

San Diego Federal Savings and Loan
9 Branches across San Diego

Village Elementary School Addition