Franz Victor Leonard Wulff

Architect | 1911

Vic Wulff served the US Navy prior to working for William Templeton Johnson and launched firm Johnson, Hatch & Wulff Architects prior to opening Wulff, Fifield & Associates.

Mr. Wulff was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 28th, 1911. He earned both his BS in Architecture (in 1936) and BS in Architectural Engineering (1943) from Kansas University.

Following college, Vic Wulff served the US Naval Reserves as Lt. Commander between 1943-46. Employed as a draftsman for William Templeton Johnson (between 1946-49), he was promoted to Chief Draftsman for the years 1949-50. He served as a partner in the firm Johnson, Hatch & Wulff Architects (between 1950-53) prior to launching Wulff, Fifield & Associates (at 1422 6th Avenue) with Herbert Pray Fifield.

With Fifield, Wulff bought Johnson’s office from Bill Lodge after Johnson passed away. The new office's staff consisted of John Henderson as a draftsman (until he left to work for Lloyd Ruocco), Mrs. O'Connell as secretary (she had worked for Templeton Johnson for several years) and Wally Duncan (who worked as the office’s estimator, spec writer and job checker). The list of in-house registered architects to join the firm in the early years included Wally Duncan, Ed Zimmerman, Bill Unger, and Don Innes. Wulff and Fifield's office grew to nearly two dozen before opening a second office at the Northeast corner of 5th & Beech on the second floor.

Wulff served the community well during his career through stints on the Chula Vista City Council (1952-55), Planning Commission (1950-53), Chula Vista Civil Service Committee (1954-55), Chula Vista Sister City Committee (1961) as well as the San Diego Chapter of the AIA as Treasurer (1951), Secretary (1952), Vice President (1953) and President (1954).

Partial List of Projects

Allison - McCloskey Escrow Company
1336 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach

American Optical Building
Fifth Avenue, San Diego

Bird Rock Elementary School (1951)
5371 La Jolla Hermosa Avenue, La Jolla

Chula Vista Recreation Center and Ira C. Copley Memorial YMCA (1955)
Chula Vista

Clairemont Mortuary (1960)
4266 Mt. Abernathy, San Diego
*Wullf referred to the project as "...a modern cathedral in miniature"; landscape by Wimmer & Yamada

Dentist Office
Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, Clairemont Mesa

Donald N. Sharp Hospital (1954)
San Diego

Fauquier, William A. Residence Remodel (1966)
3579 Lomacitas Lane, Bonita
*Original 1946-47 house by Emmet Alexander Ries
*Remodeled by Carl Hotten in 1967

Fifield, Herb Residence (1949)
3935 La Cresta Drive, Point Loma

Harley E. Knox Elementary School (1958)
1098 S. 49th Street, San Diego

James Madison High School (1963)
4833 Doliva Drive, San Diego

James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School (1959)
3319 Sandwood Street, Lakewood

Kelco Office & Research Lab (1957)
San Diego

Old Globe Theatre Addition and Remodel (1966–1969)
Balboa Park

Pacific Beach Junior High (1953)
4676 Ingraham Street, Pacific Beach

Private Residence for Kellogg employee
Spindrift Drive, La Jolla
*John Henderson worked on this project

Psychiatric Unit at San Diego County General Hospital (1960)

San Diego State College Training School (1953)
College Area

San Diego Public Library (1954)
San Diego

Walt Whitman Elementary School (1958)
4050 Appleton Street, San Diego

Woodrow Wilson Jr. High (Addition) (1959)
3838 Orange Avenue, San Diego

Wulff, Vic Residence (1952)
23 L Street, Chula Vista